Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Programme in Genomic Epidemiology and Public Health Genomics


Career coaching

career coach speaking to students in front of slideshow pesentationAs part of the PhD, students have exclusive access to a career coaching programme, developed with external collaborators and run in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust DTP at the University of Nottingham. Career coaching is delivered in small groups and starts at an early stage in the PhD, acknowledging that career aspirations are likely to change and develop throughout the research journey. Our career coaching model also allows for networking within and across cohorts, as well as with students from a different Wellcome Trust DTP.

Transition period

Students on this Programme are able to undertake a funded transition period at the end of the PhD, designed to provide opportunities for in-depth career exploration and skills development. The transition period can be guided and shaped by the unique career coaching provided to students from the very first year of the PhD, and is flexible to suit students’ different interests and career goals. Transition placements can include:

  • Industry placements for research enabling drug development
  • Internships in science communication
  • Low- and Middle-Income Country placements for global health research 


A PhD on this Programme can prepare students for a number of varied and interesting careers As part of the Programme’s career coaching, students will get the opportunity to meet people in a with careers in diverse areas of research and teaching and hear about their journey to their current role. Career areas open to graduates of this Programme may include:

  • Academia and teaching
  • Clinical bioinformatics
  • Data science
  • Intellectual property law
  • Medical and public health policy
  • Medical and science media and communication
  • Medical statistics
  • Pharmaceutical research/statistics
  • Public health engagement

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