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Ashraf Attia

Ashraf is the CEO and co-founder of Predictiva, an AI fintech company creating autonomous platforms for financial traders and investment managers. Our platforms use advanced machine learning algorithms to trade various financial assets, making decision-making processes more efficient and unbiased.

Predictiva's mission is to democratise advanced financial trading strategies by integrating Deep Reinforcement Learning technology, providing asset managers and traders with autonomous platforms that continuously learn and adapt to market dynamics. By eliminating emotional biases and leveraging cutting-edge AI, we aim to unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability for our users, ensuring that every decision is informed by robust, real-time data analysis.

We are committed to pioneering innovations that drive financial success and contribute to a healthier work-life balance for financial professionals, making sophisticated trading accessible to all levels of expertise.

Predictiva is a multi-award winning company including:

  • Tech Nation Rising Stars Award
  • Innovate UK Smart Grant Award
  • Fintech Startup of The Year

Ashraf earned his MBA and MSc in Engineering Management from the University of Leicester.  In recognition of his career history, academic research, and contributions to the advancement of the digital industry, he has been selected by Tech Nations UK as one of the Top 50 Global Exceptional Talents contributing to the UK's economic growth.

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