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Diagnostics iconThe ISO-accredited Leicester Molecular Diagnostics (LMD) facility has been established within the Leicester Cancer Research Centre to provide a comprehensive service for molecular oncology testing and support translational research aspects of clinical trials. The facility also works closely with industry to beta-test new kits, reagents, equipment or companion diagnostics and with contract research projects.

Lyme disease detection

Professor Martha Clokie is a world expert in the isolation and identification of bacteriophages, particularly those related to human and animal diseases. Martha is working with a French based charity (Phelix) to develop and improved assay to detect Lyme disease caused by infection with the bacterial species Borrelia.

Phelix is in the process of commissioning a new phage based PCR for Borrelia species based on Martha's work, that has an increased sensitivity by 50% when compared to current available tests. It has also been experimentally confirmed that this phage-based PCR showed significantly increased sensitivity compared to the traditional 5S-23S intergenic region based PCR.

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