Leicester Cancer Research Centre

Leicester Molecular Diagnostics

The Leicester Molecular Diagnostics facility was established within the Leicester Cancer Research Centre to:

  • Provide a comprehensive service for molecular oncology testing
  • Undertake associated contract research for companies.
  • Beta-test new kits, reagents, equipment or companion diagnostics.
  • Support translational research aspects of clinical trials.

We are committed to providing a highly specialised service, utilising the latest technology and taking into account the needs and requirements of our users. The laboratory is currently operating to GCLP standards but is working towards ISO 15189:2012 Medical Laboratory accreditation.

Tissue and blood based testing

We have established expertise in tissue based testing from either fresh frozen or FFPE material. We have the flexibility to offer individual gene based assays as well as multi gene testing as detailed in our services. The facility also benefits from the department’s long standing world leading expertise in blood based analysis through the work of Jacqui Shaw, Professor of Translational Cancer Genetics.

Within plasma, circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) derived from cancer cells can be distinguished from circulating free DNA (cfDNA) from normal cells by sequencing key oncogenes (cancer related genes). The facility has a reliable protocol to test blood samples for tumour specific mutations in ctDNA for a number of research or clinical purposes.

In the clinical setting, the use of a simple blood test and fast, cost effective analytical techniques would benefit patients and enhance clinical therapeutic decisions by enabling:

  • Determination of appropriate targeted therapy.
  • Monitoring response to therapy.
  • Detection of minimal residual disease.

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