Leicester Cancer Research Centre


We offer a range of single and multi-gene assays for analysis of blood and tissue using the most sensitive up-to-date technology platforms. We are also uniquely positioned to interface with the local NHS trust and the Hope Clinical Trials Unit.

Sample extraction and QC

  • Plasma
  • Buffy coat
  • Frozen tissue
  • FFPE tissue

Targeted Next Generation Sequencing (tNGS)

Targeted NGS allows for simultaneous analysis of potentially hundreds of genes/mutations in a single experiment/sample. The method is cost effective, easy to interpret and has a high sensitivity (limit of detection) (1-5%). Custom panels can be designed to answer specific research or diagnostic questions such as identification and analysis of distinct sub populations or response to particular therapies.

Commercially available standard tNGS panels

  • CE-IVD tissue panels for treatment stratification for clinical trials or standard care
  • ctDNA panels for use where tissue biopsies are not possible or unsuitable
  • Yissue and ctDNA panels for broader research questions

Custom research tNGS panels

Tailored to clients’ needs to answer specific research questions such as analysis of distinct sub populations or response to particular therapies.

Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR)

Droplet Digital PCR is an analytical technique that achieves a higher sensitivity (<0.1%) for a known mutation/alteration but this is typically limited to analysis of only a few targets.

Single gene ddPCR testing

Current assays include, but are not limited to, various mutations in EGFR, BRAF, HER2, PIK3CA, TP53 and ESR1.

Please contact us for more information: LMD@leicester.ac.uk or call on 0116 223 1768

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