Student responsibilities

Academic responsibilities

Personal conduct

As a student of the University of Leicester, you are expected to conduct yourself with propriety both at the University and in public places. The University’s requirements with regard to student conduct are set out in the Code of Student Conduct, Senate Regulation 11.

Term-time employment

Students studying full time on campus can undertake paid part-time work alongside their studies. The University recommends that students who do work alongside their studies do not exceed 20 hours of paid work per week during term time in order to allow them to devote sufficient time to their course. Part-time employment is not accepted as an excuse for absence from classes, late submission of work, or failure in assessments, and cannot be claimed as mitigating circumstances.

Students who have immigration permission to study in the UK must not under any circumstances work more hours than are stipulated by the UK Visas and Immigration service (UKVI) as a condition of their entry clearance.

Examinations and assessment

You must submit all assigned work by the set deadline and attend any exams that are part of your course.

See our Guide to Exams (log-in required) for basic information about taking exams at the University but check the Examination Regulations for precise details of the University's rules on:

  • the scheduling of exams
  • admittance to exam rooms
  • student conduct
  • special arrangements because of religious requirements or disability
  • permitted and prohibited items
  • use of calculators and dictionaries
  • absence due to illness
  • cheating in examinations


Regular engagement is an important aspect of learning and the student experience. If you engage with all aspects of your programme you are more likely to succeed with your studies. The University expects you to engage fully with your programme of study, join all timetabled on-campus teaching events, and participate in any online activities that are part of your programme. If you are a full-time student you must reside in Leicester or within easy commuting distance of the city for the duration of each semester. All students are normally required to attend all learning and teaching sessions associated with the course on which they are registered.

Absence: requests and notifications

It is the responsibility of every student to notify their home department of any absences from the University. If you are unable to attend a class, tell your department/school office or your personal tutor straightaway. When the absence is a result of illness of no more than seven days' duration you should complete and submit a self-certification form.

Schools are empowered by Senate Regulation 4 to authorise short absences for personal or religious reasons from campus-based courses; requests for absences of more than one week must be explicitly in writing and will only be granted if the department is in agreement with the proposal and you take full responsibility for the completion of outstanding academic work.

If your engagement causes a significant concern, your school will contact you to ensure you are aware of the support that is available and the courses of action open to you. If there is concern around your wellbeing, your school may refer you to the University’s Student Support Services.

International students studying in the UK on a Student Route visa sponsored by the University have an obligation to attend all of their timetabled teaching and to engage fully in all aspects of their programme of study. The University has an obligation as a sponsor licence holder to monitor their attendance and engagement and has a specific Policy on Engagement for International Sponsored Students. If you are an international student studying at the University of Leicester on a Student Route visa sponsored by the University you must abide by the policy on engagement for international sponsored students. If your engagement with your programme of study is not satisfactory you risk being withdrawn from studies for non-engagement, in which case the University will withdraw visa sponsorship and will report you to the Home Office who will cancel your visa.

If you are struggling to meet attendance requirements

Contact your personal tutor to discuss your situation if you are struggling to fulfil the attendance or any other requirements of your course. If your personal tutor is not available you can speak with your Head of Department or an appropriate member of staff in the department/school office.

See mitigating circumstances for more information.

Neglect of academic obligations

If you fail to submit set coursework or attend exams, your school will follow the procedures defined in the Regulations governing Student Discipline to determine if you are neglecting your academic responsibilities. Neglect of academic obligations is treated seriously by the University and in severe cases may result in course termination. If your course is terminated you are no longer a student at the University. You will not be able to continue or restart your course and you will not receive the qualification for which you registered.

Consult Senate Regulations for full details about your academic responsibilities. If you are unsure about any of the information given here or in the Regulations, please contact your personal tutor or department/school office.

Other responsibilities

Maintaining your personal details

You must notify us immediately if you change your name, address, telephone number or email address. You may also need to notify your department as well.

Responsibilities of international students studying on campus

If you are an international student you have additional responsibilities. You must:

  • Have a valid visa. You will provide this to us at central registration at the beginning of each academic year. In addition, if your visa expires during your course you must renew it and bring your new visa to the Information Hub. Email visas@le.ac.uk for more information.
  • Tell us of a change in your immigration permission. If your visa changes during your course you must bring it to Student and Library Information Services. Email visas@le.ac.uk for more information.
  • Complete central (face-to-face) registration in addition to course registration.
  • Meet the attendance requirements of your course and meet any formal checkpoints required of you.
  • Inform your school if you are unable to attend a class/classes (see Attendance above).
  • Inform your school if you want to leave the UK (for example, on a holiday or conference). Your leave must be approved in advance by your department and must not affect your ability to meet your attendance requirements.

Changes to your registration status may affect your immigration status. Discuss your immigration concerns with an Student Immigration Adviser.

Student route visa holders

If you have a student visa then the University is classed as your 'immigration sponsor' for the duration of your study. This means we are legally obliged to:

  • Keep an up-to-date record of your personal contact details
  • Keep a copy of your passport and your visa
  • Report certain information to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

If we have issued you with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) that you used to make your student visa application, we must report to UK Visas and Immigration if you:

  • Defer the start date of your course
  • Do not start your course
  • Do not complete registration
  • Suspend your studies (i.e. temporarily withdraw from your course)
  • Leave the University without completing your course (i.e. permanently withdraw from your course)
  • Change to a course that does not meet your student visa requirements (e.g. part-time study)
  • Complete your studies early
  • Have your course of study terminated
  • Breach any conditions of your leave

UK Visas and Immigration can bring your permission to be in this country to an end if the University notifies it that one or more of these changes in circumstance apply. It is very important therefore that you notify your department immediately if there is anything that will affect your ability to attend your course. Discuss your immigration concerns with a Student Immigration Adviser.

University Policy on the Prevention of Bribery and Corruption

The University requires its employees to act in the best interests of the University at all times and to act with care and impartiality in all dealings with other parties. As such, the University of Leicester:

  • is committed to carrying out its academic and business activities in an honest, open and ethical manner; and
  • is committed to observing the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010, in respect of its conduct both in the UK and internationally
  • will have zero tolerance to any aspect of bribery and corruption both within the University and in respect of any third parties with whom we have dealings

Further information is detailed on the Finance Office website.

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