Appeals and complaints

The University has robust systems in place governing the quality and standards of our degree programmes and your experience as a student here. We are confident that, like the vast majority of students here, you will enjoy and be satisfied with your course.

What should I do if I am dissatisfied with an aspect of my course or an academic decision?

Tell your department in the first instance, so that it has an opportunity to respond. Ideally, raise your concerns with the person most directly involved, for example your lecturer or your personal tutor. In most instances your department will be able to resolve the issue but we recognise that this will not always be possible. For this reason, the University has official procedures that allow eligible cases to be formally reviewed.

Appeals and complaints procedures

The webpages in this section contain detailed information about how the University manages student appeals, complaints and disciplinary matters. Hopefully you will not need to use these procedures but if you do you will find that your concerns are listened to and considered in a fair manner.

Read the regulations and guidance carefully if you are thinking about submitting a formal appeal or complaint. If you wish to proceed, complete the relevant form and submit your appeal/complaint according to the instructions and by the required deadline.

Queries and assistance

The Education Services Office can give you advice about the academic appeals procedure (non-MBChB students only). Contact Education Services onappeals@le.ac.uk or +44 (0)116 252 2250.

If you are an MBChB student you should instead contact Mr Andy Sarratt on HOSLMS@leicester.ac.uk or by phone +44(0)116 223 1598.

These offices cannot assist you in formulating an appeal or complaint but can provide procedural information.

For advice on the procedure for student discipline appeals contact the Secretary to the Student Discipline Committee studentconduct@le.ac.uk or +44 (0)116 252 2605.

Contact the Advice Service in the Students’ Union (advice@le.ac.uk) if you would like help with writing an appeal or complaint and/or support throughout a formal appeals or complaints process. For opening hours and alternative contact information, visit the Advice Service website.

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