Student engagement appeals

Appeals against decisions to withdraw or suspend a student from studies made under the policies on student engagement

You may appeal against a Student Engagement Panel decision if:

  • There is evidence of procedural irregularity in the application of the either the Policy on Student Engagement or the Policy on Engagement for International Sponsored Students.
  • Or there are circumstances that materially affected your ability to engage that you could not have reasonably made known at the time they occurred.

Submitting an appeal

  • You must submit your appeal on your own behalf, within 14 calendar days of the notification of your withdrawal or suspension of registration.
  • An appeal submitted later than 14 days from the notification of withdrawal or suspension of registration will be deemed to be out of time. It will not be considered unless we accept that you have provided clear documentary evidence to demonstrate that you were prevented from submitting the appeal earlier.
  • Appeals must be submitted on the student engagement appeal form and submitted to AMappeals@le.ac.uk.
  • You must provide documentary evidence to support your appeal. Only evidence written in English will be considered, and it is your responsibility to obtain and submit a verified translation if the original evidence is in another language.
  • If your evidence includes doctor’s notes or medical appointment letters, these should be for appointments in the UK.
  • Appeals will be considered by the Head of Student Registry Services or their nominee.

Download a student engagement appeal form (docx., 64kb)

Advice and support

Advice and assistance concerning an appeal can be obtained from the Students’ Union Advice Service, contact via phone +44 (0)116 223 1132 or email advice@le.ac.uk. For opening hours and alternative contact information, visit the Advice Service website.

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