Student discipline appeals

Appeals against Stage One decisions made under student discipline regulations

Summary of procedure

For full details of the procedure see paragraphs 11.81 - 97 of Senate Regulation 11 (PDF, 1.14Mb).

You have a right to appeal against a penalty imposed by a Plagiarism Officer, a Student Discipline Panel or a Fitness to Practise Panel where there are grounds to do so. The decisions of these officers or panels are called Stage One decisions. Any appeal you wish to submit must be received by the Secretary to the Student Conduct Group within 10 working days of you being notified of the Stage One decision.

  • Appeals must be submitted using the Student Discipline Appeal form, (Word, 61KB).
  • Appeals will initially be considered by the Academic Registrar or nominee, who will decide whether there eligible grounds for appeal and whether the appeal should be referred for further consideration by a member of the Senate Student Discipline Committee.
  • The designated member has the authority to dismiss the appeal, amend the penalty or in cases where there is 'sufficient new evidence and/or complexity and/or uncertainty regarding the facts of the case' refer the case for a hearing by an appeal panel.
  • If the appeal is referred to a Student Discipline Appeals Panel, you will be invited to attend a hearing at which you may be accompanied by a friend or representative, for example, a member of the Advice Service.

Advice and assistance concerning an appeal can be obtained from the Advice Service, contact via phone +44(0)116 223 1132 or email advice@le.ac.uk. For opening hours and alternative contact information, visit the Advice Service website.

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