Support to study policy

The University is committed to supporting students’ wellbeing and recognises that a positive and enabling approach to the management of physical and mental health is key to student learning and academic achievement. The Support to Study process is a supportive one with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for students.

The University defines Support to Study as a student’s ability to engage with their programme of study, with reasonable adjustments where necessary, in accordance with the expectations set out in the University’s Regulations. A students’ engagement should not impact negatively on their safety or wellbeing or that of others and should offer full opportunity to meet the learning outcomes of their programme.

Read the Support to Study policy (PDF, 234KB) and the accompanying procedures (PDF, 839KB)

If you have any queries relating to this page, please email concerned@le.ac.uk.

Our commitment to your wellbeing 

We want to ensure you are able to make the most out of your time with us. There is a wide network of people and teams available to support you with advice and information.

We are committed to supporting your wellbeing and recognise that this requires a positive and enabling approach to help you manage your physical and mental health.

The Support to Study process ensures we are collaborating with you to coordinate the most appropriate support enabling you to excel in your studies. 

Policy and procedures 

Read the Support to Study policy (PDF, 234KB) and the accompanying procedures (PDF, 839KB)

If you have any queries relating to these documents, please email concerned@le.ac.uk.

Support for you

Student Support Services are here to support you with any personal, financial and academic concerns you may have. We are keen to ensure we work with you to address these issues and deliver options which are best for you. 

This process ensures we are using a range of appropriate support mechanisms tailored to your specific needs. 

Your studies

We are aware the best support plan for you addresses every part of your university life and beyond. This process enables us to liaise and engage with your academic department, other key areas and external services as appropriate, to deliver a holistic outcome for you.  

Accessing support 

If you would like to access our services or would like more information, please contact our Welfare Service on welfare@le.ac.uk

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