Student research

This summer the physiotherapy course undertaken at the Leicester campus had seven final year students submit work related to their dissertations to the Biannual International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium 2018 in Groningen, all were successful with having their work accepted.

It was great to see that five of these former students, who are all in Band 5 employment in the NHS, were fortunate to obtain leave from their departments and travel to Holland to present their research at the conference. They successfully negotiated discussing their work with world experts in the field and also confidently mingled and networked during the conference proceedings and at the conference formal dinner. All of these abstracts received excellent press and triggered widespread discussion as they developed new knowledge related to the subject area.

As representatives of Leicester physiotherapy, the graduates and Dr Seth O’Neill (who supervised much of the research activity) also received many commendations for their hard work and on the number of abstracts leading the field of tendon imaging. Well done to all involved and we look forward to seeing where your careers take you.

alice at sts 2018nick at sts 2018

hannah j hannah c at sts 2018the group of students at sts 2018

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