Operating Department Practice

What ODPs do

odp washing handsAn Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) provides a professional service within the multidisciplinary environment of a hospital’s operating department. They are engaged in the delivery of individualised patient care. The duties of the ODP involve working closely with doctors and other professionals to ensure that the care delivered to patients is in line with best practice and aims for a successful patient outcome.

The aim of this programme is to provide you with the educational opportunities to gain the BSc ODP award and as such be fit to practise as a Registered ODP upon qualification (following a successful application for registration).

The overall aims of the programme at Leicester

To enable student ODPs:

  • to develop appropriate key and lifelong learning skills required to influence their own practice and that of the multidisciplinary health care team
  • to gain the ability to translate the philosophy of care into practice
  • to become safe, competent practitioners, working in multidisciplinary teams, accepting diverse roles and remaining aware of professional responsibilities
  • to develop skills in practice evaluation, critical analysis and research
  • to perform consistently, confidently and independently the operational skills and procedures required of Operating Department Practitioner across the full range of their role

To provide opportunities:

  • to acquire appropriate learning strategies and become complex problem solvers, constructing their own knowledge, in order to become lifelong learners
  • to learn in a patient-focused environment, evaluating care based on best practice
  • for students to gain underpinning knowledge, clinical practice and personal development

To encourage:

  • students to take responsibility for their own learning, reflecting the growing autonomy and accountability of the profession as an established part of healthcare and the perioperative teams, enhancing the quality of care afforded to patients

To embrace:

  • the concepts of inter-professional education and working

To prepare:

  • the ODP for continuous education and professional development

To ensure:

  • that on completion of the programme that students are fit for practice, purpose and award, and eligible to apply for registration with the HCPC as an Operating Department Practitioner

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