Nursing at Leicester

Facilities for students

At the University of Leicester we have outstanding learning facilities that give you the best opportunity to enhance and improve your knowledge and skills.

Nursing is based in the RKCSB, located at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, creating an outstanding learning environment for our healthcare students and facilitating inter-professional education with other subject areas such as midwifery.

You will also have lectures in Leicester Medical School's dissection room, a superb and rare facility for learning human anatomy and physiology. This is an opportunity offered in very few nursing courses.

You'll also learn in our state-of-the-art Clinical Skills Unit. This multi-million pound facility houses mock up hospital wards and ICU units with interactive manikins, which can be programmed to respond like a patient might in a critical care situation. We also employ actors as patients. It's all designed to provide a realistic but safe environment to practice assessment and treatment skills before entering the clinical environment.

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