Modern Languages

Summer schools

Facade of Santiago de Compostela cathedral in Obradoiro squareWe provide all of our Joint Honours students with the fantastic opportunity to take part in one of our partially funded summer schools in the heart of one of the countries whose languages you are learning.

These summer schools are excellent preparation for both the second year of your studies and, of course, for your year of study/work abroad. But they also play a really brilliant role in helping our students develop the close-knit community that is so characteristic of the Modern Languages department here at the University of Leicester, as you get to travel together and create fantastic shared memories right from the very start of your university journey.

Whether you attend the summer school in Montpellier (France), Mondavio (Italy), or Santiago de Compostela (Spain), you’ll enjoy language learning classes in small tuition groups during each weekday morning, and then afternoons, evenings and weekends are spent taking part in cultural and social activities that immerse you in the local culture.

Because our aim in providing these opportunities is to give you the very best support for your learning needs, beginner-level students attend the summer school for the language that they have started ab initio, and advanced students can choose which summer school they feel they would most benefit from at that point in their studies.

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