Modern Languages


To speak another language is to understand other societies, other cultures, other histories, and to better appreciate your own. It is also an unparalleled way of increasing your employability that puts you ahead of candidates with similar ambitions who are monolingual.

At Leicester, we ensure that you do not simply learn to speak new words, but that you acquire cultural fluency. You will be taught predominantly by native speakers and you will have the opportunity to experience total linguistic and cultural immersion thanks to our unique, partly-funded two-week summer school and our impressive range of year abroad options. 

Our course options include the study of a variety of thought-provoking cultural studies modules, and a number of our degree programmes allow you to combine the study of Modern Languages with other subjects from the Humanities and Social Sciences such as English, Politics, Management or Law.

Our research specialisms span diverse topics in film and the visual arts, literature and linguistics from within the fields of French and Francophone Studies, Italian Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies, and Translation and Interpreting Studies. Our expertise in, and passion for, these areas of study underpins all of our teaching – and your learning.

All of our undergraduate degrees are four years programmes (In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to complete a degree in 3 years, without a year abroad).

Learn an extra language!

We are delighted to be able to offer all Year 1 students in Modern Languages the opportunity to complete a year-long extracurricular Languages at Leicester course – for free. You can choose from this list of 16 languages (subject to availability).

Joint honours degrees

For these degrees, equal time is spent on each of your two subjects. 

Modern Languages and English BA
4 years, full time | UCAS code: R9Q3
You will have the chance to combine study of the language and cultures with the study of English literature and critical theory.

Modern Languages and Translation BA (with year abroad)
Full-time, 4 years | UCAS code: 16Q9
In an increasingly globalised world, translation and interpretation couldn’t be more important. By studying a modern language (French, Italian or Spanish) and its diverse related cultures, you’ll learn what it takes to make an impact out in the field – all around the world.

Honours degrees with two or three subjects

For these degrees, your time is divided between two or three subjects depending on whether you study one, two or three languages:

Modern Languages BA (with year abroad)
Full-time, 4 years | UCAS code: R900
Our highly flexible Modern Languages BA is designed to allow you to study two or three languages, from French, Italian and Spanish. You'll build your linguistic skills while developing your understanding of the social, political, and cultural forces that have shaped contemporary France and the Francophone world, Italy, Spain and Latin America.

Modern Languages and International Relations BA (with year abroad)
Full-time, 4 years | UCAS code: RL99
On this degree, you'll deepen your appreciation of Europe and its place in the world through the study of the French, Italian, and/or Spanish languages and the diverse cultures relevant to those languages, alongside the study of contemporary European politics. 

Modern Languages with Film Studies BA (with year abroad)
Full-time, 4 years | UCAS code: R8P3
Just as the spoken languages of the Francophone, Italian and Hispanic worlds reveal cultural secrets, the visual languages of film can do the same. On this degree, you’ll hone your fluency in both, building your linguistic skills alongside your knowledge film of film histories and cultures.

Modern Languages with Management BA (with year abroad)
Full-time, 4 years | UCAS code: R9NF
This degree combines the teaching of in-depth linguistic and cultural fluency with that of management theory and practice – a perfect combination by which to broaden your career options and opportunities.

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