Year abroad

The year abroad is a fundamental part of our degree programmes, offering you the chance to study or work in one or two countries related to your degree during your third year.

You will have the chance to perfect your spoken and written language(s) and engage with new societies, whilst building your independence and becoming more employable - the year abroad is central to what makes our graduates stand out.

You can spend a year studying at up to two of our partner universities either within the EU or further afield in Quebec or Latin America. Alternatively, you can apply to work as a British Council language-teaching assistant.

You can also split the year between university study and work, taking advantage of a shorter Erasmus+ teaching assistantship, for example. Subject to approval, you might also decide to take up a year- or semester-long work placement of your choice.

We provide an extensive preparation period with all the advice and training you need, and when you are abroad you will be supported by our partner universities and by our own year abroad tutors.

Find out more about studying abroad on the International Office website.

Erasmus partner universities

If you choose to spend your year studying, then help is available through the Erasmus exchange, an EU educational exchange programme. We are partners with many universities in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, and you can receive a grant to help with living expenses. In many instances, Erasmus grants are also available to students working in the EU.

We offer study placements at a wide range of partner institutions in a variety of locations, grouped here by the applicable language:



  • Paris
  • Besançon
  • Le Mans
  • Lyon
  • Bordeaux
  • Pau
  • Avignon


  • Geneva


  • Liège
  • Louvain-la-Neuve



  • Bologna
  • Padova
  • Pavia
  • Pisa
  • Salerno
  • Chieti-Pescara
  • Verona



  • Barcelona
  • Extremadura
  • Granada
  • Madrid
  • Salamanca
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Seville
  • Valladolid
  • Zaragoza
  • Valencia

Opportunities outside Europe

If you are studying French and want to travel further afield there are study opportunities in Laval and Sherbrooke (Quebec). For those studying Spanish, we offer Mexico City and Puebla (Mexico), or Bogotá in Colombia. These partners are not part of the Erasmus exchange programme but financial assistance is normally available. If you are travelling to Latin America, for example, help may be available in the form of a Santander Travel Award worth up to £650.