Modern Languages

Modern Languages and Translation: Chinese/Arabic pathway

Pathway for native Chinese and Arabic speakers

Fielding Johnson Building in spring, framed by pink blossomOur Modern Languages and Translation BA will help you gain the skills you need while studying a foreign language in depth. As an advanced language learner you will immediately start translating and interpreting into your target language.

If you are a native Chinese or Arabic speaker (or have an A-level in Chinese or Arabic) but do not have the necessary qualification in a European language, you can take beginners-level modules in French, Italian or Spanish and apply your translation studies to English-Chinese / English-Arabic.

Why Leicester?

  • You will be improving your English language proficiency in an English university
  • You will be learning professional translation and interpreting skills between English and Chinese / Arabic
  • You will be learning another European language (Spanish, French or Italian), benefiting from a free summer school in the country of your other European language in the summer of your first year
  • You will be spending a Year Abroad in a country or countries of your other European language. You could be either taking university courses or acquiring work experience
  • You will be studying in a school which continuously ranks among the top 10 in The Guardian league table

What can I do with a degree in Modern Languages and Translation?

Almost all graduates of our international students continue to pursue their postgraduate studies in the UK. Those who are determined to be a translator and/or interpreter take their MA studies in the universities such as UCL, Durham and Leeds. Those who want to pursue a different career path have taken programmes such as MA in International Relations (Bath), MA in Education Policy and Government (King's); MA in Media and Communications (UCL).

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