Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology


Enterprise Strategy

We have three aims at LISCB that underpin our enterprise strategy, and allow us to identify priority projects and provide targeted support to enhance the progression of projects with existing industry partners.

  1. Build engagement and understanding of industry interactions, e.g. through events
  2. Cultivate new industry relations
  3. Anticipate and encourage potential industry collaborations

Essential Enterprise

Essential Enterprise events aim to build an understanding of industry collaboration. This is achieved by:

  • Presentations both from peers who are already collaborating with industry, and from the companies themselves.
  • Information on the changing landscape of UK research funding and new opportunities and schemes related to industry funding.

Sessions have included presentations from Sygnature, LifeArc and AstraZeneca.

Bench 2 Business

The aim of this initiative is provide touchpoints for our academics to engage with industry.  A first event was held in 2017 with commercial partners to allow us to demonstrate our capabilities, expertise and facilities.

In 2020 we produced seven films to reach out to industry partners instead. These can be accessed here.

Leicester Splicing and Epigenetics Club

In 2017 we held a Leicester Splicing and Epigenetics club, an academic / industry forum between pharmaceutical companies and the members of the Institute with the aims:

  • To provide a focus point for companies with a particular interest in splicing to discuss current challenges and future needs in this area
  • An opportunity for companies to learn about the latest scientific advances in the field by accessing Institute members expertise
  • Enhancing LISCB's efficiency and collaboration capabilities in future academic research as companies will be able to provide feedback

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