History at Leicester


Principal Investigator

Project Manager

  • Dr Pragya Vohra School of History (pv51@le.ac.uk)


  • Professor Steve Brown School of Management (sb343@le.ac.uk)
  • Dr Jayne Carroll School of English Studies, University of Nottingham (jayne.carroll@nottingham.ac.uk)
  • Professor Simon James School of Ancient History and Archaeology (simon.james@le.ac.uk)
  • Professor Mark Jobling Department of Genetics (maj4@le.ac.uk)
  • Dr Richard Jones Centre for Regional and Local History School of Historical Studies (rlcj1@le.ac.uk)
  • Dr Philip Shaw School of English (ps209@le.ac.uk)

Research Fellow

  • Dr Turi King Department of Genetics Now Lecturer in Archaeology and Genetics (tek2@le.ac.uk) 

Research Associates

  • Dr Morn Capper School of History, Now Lecturer in Archaeological Heritage at the University of Chester and Honorary Visiting Fellow in the Leicester Medieval Research Centre, (mc460@le.ac.uk or m.capper@chester.ac.uk)
  • Dr Martin Findell School of English. Now Lecturer in Historical Linguistics at the University of Nottingham (martin.findell@nottingham.ac.uk)
  • Dr Rita Rasteiro Department of Genetics (rr147@le.ac.uk)
  • Dr Marc Scully Department of Sociology, Now Lecturer in Social Psychology at Loughborough University, (m.d.scully@lboro.ac.uk)
  • Dr Pragya Vohra School of History. Now Honorary Visiting Fellow in the Leicester Medieval Research Centre (pv51@le.ac.uk)
  • Dr Jon Wetton Department of Genetics (jw418@le.ac.uk)

PhD Student

  • Eleanor Rye Institute of Name Studies, University of Nottingham 

External PhD Students

  • Hayley Dunn School of Archaeology and Ancient History/Department of Genetics
  • Matt Sears School of English Local History/Department of Genetics

Honorary Visiting Fellows

External Advisory Board

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