History at Leicester


Project team

  • Professor Clare Anderson Principal Investigator (British and French Empires)
  • Ms Rachel Dawes Project Administrator
  • Dr Christian De Vito Research Associate (Spain, Portugal and Latin America), 2013-18
  • Dr Lorraine Paterson Research Associate (French Empire), 2017/18
  • Dr Adam J. Barker Research Associate (North America), 2016/17
  • Dr Minako Sakata Research Associate (Hokkaido, Japan), 2013/15 & Honorary Visiting Fellow
  • Takashi Miyamoto Research Associate (Japan and Southern Islands), 2013/15
  • Dr Eureka Henrich Researcher (Australian convict heritage), 2013/14
  • Dr Sarah Longair Researcher (Zanzibar), 2013/14 & Honorary Visiting Fellow
  • Maureen Rall Researcher (South Africa), 2013
  • Mikhail Nakonechny Researcher (Russia Empire and USSR), 2015/16
  • Carrie Crockett PhD candidate  (Sakhalin Island)
  • Katherine Roscoe PhD candidate (Rottnest and Cockatoo Islands, Australia)
  • Dr Emily Whewell Researcher (global mapping and enumeration), 2015
  • Dr Aaron Jaffer Researcher (South Asia), 2016
  • Manuela Sánchez NoriegaResearcher (Ecuador), 2016
  • Jamie Harris Undergraduate intern 2013/14

Advisory Board

Affiliated Researchers

  • Brenda Mortimer PhD Student (Capital pardons, Britain in the 1820s)
  • Kellie Moss PhD Student (Western Australia)
  • Dr Kristin O'Brassill-Kulfan Assistant Professor, Rutgers University (formerly Leicester PhD Student, vagrancy and criminal pauperism)
  • Dr Rachel Bennett Research Fellow, University of Warwick (formerly Leicester PhD student)
  • Dr Maeve Ryan Lecturer in History and Grand Strategy, KCL (formerly Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow, School of History, University of Leicester)
  • Dr Emily Whewell Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute Frankfurt (formerly Leicester PhD Student)
  • Anna McKay AHRC CDP PhD Student (with The National Maritime Museum, British prison hulks)

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