Global cluster


Global Cluster team

Clare Anderson Migration, incarceration, Australia, Indian Ocean, Pacific, Caribbean, Guyana
Bernard Attard Business networks, Australia
Jamie Banks AHRC M3C PhD student, opium and indentured labour, Guyana, Mauritius, Trinidad
Emma Battell Lowman Settler colonialism, Indigenous history, North America
Svenja Bethke Migration, clothing, fashion, Palestine, Israel
Kate Boehme  Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow, business networks, India, the Princely States
Laura Brace Enslavement, political theory
Raul Carstocea Colonialism and concepts of 'the colonial' in Central and Eastern Europe. Global fascism
John Coffey Abolitionism, slave rebellions, religion, Demerara
Sophie Cooper Gender, religion, Irish diaspora, USA, Australia 
Myriam Fotou Migration, borders, refugees
Zoe Groves African migration, Malawi, Zimbabwe, southern Africa
Jordan Harris PhD student, mixed race people of African and European descent in 19th-century Britain
Charlotte Johnson AHRC M4C PhD student (1st supervised by University of Birmingham, with the National Trust), colonial collecting, India, UK
Prashant Kidambi Cities, cricket, India
Toby Lincoln Cities, China
Adam Millar ESRC PhD student, Salvation Army, colonial migration
Kellie Moss ESRC PhD student, Salvation Army, colonial migration
Maria Chiara Scuderi AHRC M4C CDP student (co-supervised with Birmingham, with Leicester Museum & Art Gallery), Dryad collection, material culture, collecting and display, postcolonial museology
Gurharpal Singh Post-1947 India and Pakistan, Sikh and Punjab studies, the Indian diaspora, Partition of India, multiculturalism and the City of Leicester
Zakia Shiraz Security, conflict, crime, Colombia
Derek Smith Emigration, Guernsey, British Empire, North America
Ellen Smith AHRC M4C PhD student, family life, communication, India, intimacy
Judith Somekh  MRes student, 'left behind' families of transportation convicts, 19th century.
Deborah Toner Alcohol, food, Mexico, Guyana
Jan Vandeburie The Mediterranean and the Levant, inter-religious contacts and shared sacred space
Kristy Warren ESRC postdoctoral researcher, Colonial governance, slavery, Bermuda, Caribbean, Guyana, St. Kitts, UK

Global Cluster: affiliated researchers

Gavin Brown, Margaret Byron, Clare Madge Department of Geography
Lucy Evans, Zalfa Feghali, Corinne Fowler, Sam Shaw School of Arts
Bernard Ryan Leicester Law School
Di Levine Leicester Institute of Advanced Studies (LIAS)

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