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The Centre of Palaeobiology are a team of people who contribute to the research and academic teaching, with exceptional results. 

Academic staff

Research staff and students

Research visitors 

  • Dr Changshi Qi (Yunnan University, China)
  • Professor Hou Xian-guang (Yunnan University, China)
  • Dr Zheng Xiguang (Yunnan University, China)
  • Professor Nigel Hughes (University of California Riverside)

Group alumni 

Name PhD project title

What are they doing now?

Dr Christopher Nedza   Pigmented and organically preserved soft-bodied fossils – using taphonomic mode to interpret anatomy.  
Dr James Wilkinson  Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of the Ludlow (Silurian) graptolites.   
Dr Christopher Stocker  The biogeographical significance of the Silurian trilobite assemblages of Japan.    
Dr Jordan Bestwick Resolving pterosaur dietary ecology using tooth microwear and biomechanics  
Dr Thomas Wong Hearing Constraining the marine environment of the Cambrian metazoan adaptive radiation Research Fellow, Ghent University

Dr Laura McLennan Tooth wear and microtextural analysis of diet and feeding in living and fossil condrichthyans Lecturer, Derby University

Dr Leah Nolan  Equatorial sea surface temperature seasonality in the Mississippian (Carboniferous) derived from brachiopod shell carbonate  
Dr Zardasht Taha Response of Ostracods to the end Ordovician extinction and early Silurian recovery  
Dr Mark Evans  Evolution of Jurassic Plesiosauria  British Antarctic Survey

Dr Jawad Afzal Palaeocene-Eocene Foraminifera of the Indus Basin, Pakistan Currently working as biostratigrapher for Fugro Robertson
Dr Irfan Jan Investigating the palaeoenvironments and narrow palaeoclimate zones of the Palaeotethyan Permo-Carboniferous icehouse: the boulder beds of the Salt Range, Pakistan Currently Assistant professor National Centre for Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Dr David Baines Tooth microwear in fishes  
Dr Carys Bennett Lower Carboniferous ostracods and isotopes of the Midland Valley, Scotland: testing for the ecological shift into non-marine environments  Currently Postdoc at University of Lille

Ben Davies Functional morphology and locomotion of early vertebrates (MPhil)  
Dr David Jones Exploiting the palaeobiological potential of conodonts: evolutionary trends, patterns and processes (PhD). Tooth wear and ecological constraints on isotopic & biostratigraphic analyses using conodonts (PDRA)  Went on to postdoc positions in Leicester and Bristol
Dr Xiaoya Ma The Lower Cambrian Chengjiang Biota, Yunnan, China University of Exeter, Senior Research Fellow
Dr David Riley Taphonomy of the Herefordshire Lagerstätte Currently working for Chemostrat Ltd
Dr Alex Page Graptolitic mudrocks and the taphonomy of organic fossils Currently teaching

Dr Rowan Whittle Problematic fossils from the Late Ordovician Soom Shale lagerstätte, South Africa Currently working for British Antarctic Survey

Dr Vince Williams  Tooth microwear, diet and feeding in ornithischian dinosaurs Currently teaching

Experimental/technical Staff

Honorary research staff 

  • Dr Philip Donoghue (Bristol University)
  • Dr Robert Goodall
  • Dr Mike Howe (British Geological Survey)
  • Dr Stewart Molyneux (British Geological Survey)
  • Dr Victoria McCoy
  • Dr Gary Mullins (Fugro Robertson Ltd)
  • Dr Philip Wilby (British Geological Survey)

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