Department of Genetics and Genome Biology


The Department of Genetics and Genome Biology is renowned world-wide for original and innovative research into fundamental concepts of genetics. We specialise in the understanding of genome diversity, dynamics and evolution, and in application of genetic solutions to real-world problems in critical areas such as human disease, forensics, crop plants and antimicrobial resistance. 

We are proud of our cross-organism approach that emphasises the fundamental importance of genetics as a common language for understanding the biology of organisms as diverse as bacteriophages, bacteria, yeast, fruit flies, insects, plants and humans.

Genetics is a foundation for all areas of biological and medical research. By combining interdisciplinary collaborations with our fundamental studies of genetics and genomics, we have become a centre for pioneering and internationally-recognised expertise in:

  • Microbial Genetics
  • Cancer
  • Informatics, Health and AI
  • Forensics
  • Neurogenetics and Behaviour
  • Food Security

Modern genomic approaches underlie everything we do. Our research employs a broad range of model organisms, and a diverse range of approaches ranging from single gene studies to multi-genomic platforms.

Explore the research of the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology

To discover the full range of research interests of our Academic Staff visit our staff pages 

We have large cadre of Postdoctoral staff and PhD students from around the world:

all staff from the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology holding flags

Our researchers are linked into several strategic research initiatives in the University including: 

Our research is underpinned by excellent facilities and resources. These include a range of DNA/RNA sequencing, PCR and bioanlyzer platforms (see NUCLEUS: Genomics Core Facility), electron microscopy, fluorescent microscopy and bioinformatics support (part of CBS).

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