substance reacting in a test tubeThe Department of Genetics and Genome Biology has an international reputation for research excellence in a broad range of topics. We are world-renowned for the discovery of the technique of DNA fingerprinting by Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys in 1984, a powerful and elegant way to distinguish between individuals.

Researchers in the Department were also key players in the Richard III identification case, contributing important DNA evidence. Today our reputation continues to grow as an internationally-renowned centre of pioneering research, pushing back the frontiers of knowledge in:

  • Genome dynamics, diversity and evolution
  • Human and medical genetics
  • Behavioural and developmental genetics
  • Microbial genetics and pathogenicity
  • Plant genetics

We are proud of our cross-organism approach, which emphasises the fundamental importance of genetics as a common language for understanding the biology of organisms as diverse as bacteria, yeast, fruit flies, bumblebees, mice, humans and plants.

As genetics is such a foundation for all areas of biological and medical research, we naturally seek interdisciplinary approaches in our research, and members of the Department have collaborations with Leicester colleagues in, for example, Health Sciences, Cardiovascular Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Archaeology, Criminology, History and the local NHS Trust.

For a list of staff who contribute to these research areas along with links to their own pages, please browse our staff research interests.