English at Leicester

Academic staff

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Dr Doug Battersby  Lecturer in Modern Literature   db546@le.ac.uk
Dr Claire Brock  Associate Professor of 18th- and 19th-Century Literature  2533  cb178@le.ac.uk 
Emeritus Professor Gordon Campbell  Emeritus Fellow in Renaissance Studies    leb@le.ac.uk 
Dr Sreya Datta  Jean Humphreys Postdoctoral Fellow    smd46@le.ac.uk 
Professor Gowan Dawson Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture  2779  gd31@le.ac.uk 
Professor Kit De Waal  Jean Humphreys Writer in Residence    mtdw1@le.ac.uk
Professor Martin Dzelzainis Emeritus Professor of Renaissance Literature and Thought   md240@le.ac.uk
Dr Lucy Evans  Associate Professor in Postcolonial Literature  2742  lae9@le.ac.uk 
Mr Nicholas Everett   Lecturer in English and American Studies   2644  ngre1@le.ac.uk 
Dr Zalfa Feghali Associate Professor in American Literature  (223) 1068  zf31@le.ac.uk 
Emeritus Professor Richard Foulkes  Emeritus Professor in Theatre History  2642  rf24@le.ac.uk 
Dr Sarah Graham Associate Professor in American Literature  2625  shsg1@le.ac.uk 
Professor Martin Halliwell Professor of American Studies 2645  mrh17@le.ac.uk 
Dr Felicity James Associate Professor in 18th- and 19th-Century Literature  2199  fj21@le.ac.uk 
Dr Daniel King   Teaching Fellow in American Literature    dk292@le.ac.uk 
Professor Sarah Knight Professor of Renaissance Literature  2621 sk218@le.ac.uk 
Professor Kate Loveman  Professor in English Literature, 1600-1789  2627  kate.loveman@le.ac.uk 
Professor Mary Ann Lund Professor in Early Modern Literature   5262  maejl1@le.ac.uk 
Professor Catherine Morley Professor in American Literature and Head of the School of Arts  2638  catherine.morley@le.ac.uk 
Dr Julian North Associate Professor in Romantic and Victorian Literature  2776  jrn8@le.ac.uk 
Dr Emma Parker  Associate Professor in 20th-Century and Contemporary Literature  2630  ep27@le.ac.uk 
Dr Ben Parsons Associate Professor in Medieval and Early Modern Literature  5073  bp62@le.ac.uk 
Professor Mark Rawlinson Professor in 20th-Century Literature  2639  mjr1@le.ac.uk 
Emeritus Professor Joanne Shattock  Emeritus Professor of Victorian Literature  2620  ejs4@le.ac.uk 
Professor Philip Shaw Professor of Romantic Studies  2632  ps14@le.ac.uk 
Emeritus Professor Martin Stannard  Emeritus Professor of Modern English Literature  2621  maj@le.ac.uk 
Dr Jonathan Taylor Associate Professor of Creative Writing  2778  jt265@le.ac.uk 
Dr Harry Whitehead  Associate Professor of Creative Writing  3357  hdw5@le.ac.uk 
Dr Claire Wood Associate Professor in Victorian Literature  2626  claire.wood@le.ac.uk 

Honorary Fellows

Name Position Email
Dr Victoria Stewart  Honorary Professor in Modern and Contemporary Literature  vas6@le.ac.uk 

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