English at Leicester

PhD students

Name Research title
Dima Abduljabbar  Arab American Women's Poetry of Diaspora, War, and Intimacy
Maryam Al-Attar  A Linguistics Study and Analysis of the Language of Traditional and Modern Advertising
Noora Al-Kaabi Socio-political Aspects in Framing Narratives of Conflict
Alsahira Alkhayer  Belonging in the Age of Global Crisis: Colum McCann
Ali Al-Saffar  The Transformation of the 18th Century Concept of Mysticism into the 19th Century Concept of Romanticism 
Thulfiqar Al-Tahmazi  The Struggle for Power in Iraqi Political Discourse across Mainstream and Social media: Identities, interaction and impoliteness
Thamir Az-Zubaidy  Multiculturalism in Australian Contemporary Drama
Geraldine Bell  'Can these bones live?' (Ezekiel 37:3): A literary examination of the dead body 
Fatima Berot  Pragmatic Function and Frequency of the Discourse Markers Yeʕni, Êsta, Xoi, and Îtr in Spoken Contexts in Central Kurdish
Crystal Biggin  Reading and Reviewing the Mid 18th Century English Novel
Freya Brooks  The Female Audience of the Manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Hallat Ebrahim  A Narrative Analysis of Kurdish Conversational Stories
Bronwen Edwards  'What you have to do is remember': Examining the connections between memoirs, biographical and fictional representations of women's experiences in the intelligence services in the Second World War
Richard Fallon Reshaping Dinosaurs: The Popularisation of Extinct Animals in Anglo-American Culture, 1877-1921
Manal Fattah  The Representation of Offspring in the Plays of Bernard Shaw
Michelle Fossey  Creative PhD: The Impurity of Glass: A study of fundamentalist belief and memory
Peter Francev  Byron and Hermeneutics of Language
Nisrin Hairi  An Applied Linguistics Analysis of the Politeness Strategies Used in Email Correspondence between Saudi Arabian Students and Tutors
Gwynne Harries  Creative PhD
Dorota Horvathova  American Dream in Joyce Carol Oates' Novels
Nachanok Hutanan  Representation of Gay Male Adolescent Characters in American YA Fiction 2005-present
Michael Joliffe  Italian-American Modernism
Theresa Jones  The Sublime, the Numinous and the Mysterium Tremendum: How are these phenomena perceived and experiences in philosophy, literature and theology
Miyuki Kamezawa  A Symbolic Economy: a study of the later novels of Thomas Hardy
Tomoko Kanda  Intertextuality in Social Problem Narratives: From the end of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th century (Victorian Studies)
Sossie Kechichian  The Freudian Hero in Late 19th Century American Short Fiction
Thomas Kew  A Literary History of Black British Writing in the Midlands: 1948-2012 
Azra Limbada 
The Representation of Rape in War in Plays by Refugee Women
Kevan Manwaring  Creative PhD
Aween Mawlood  Body-Related Idioms in Standard English and Kurdish
Jennifer Miller Dickensian domesticity in nineteenth-century theatrical adaptations of the novels 
Rebecca Moore  Evelyn Waugh and the Visual Arts
André Naffis Sahely  'Speaking the Unspeakable': A study of the work of Michael Hofmann
Dan Powell Shaping Storyness: developing a preclosural approach to the process of writing short fiction
Emma Reddy  Modernism, Paris and the Aesthetics of Light
Leighan Renaud  Matrifocal Communities in Contemporary Caribbean Fiction
Margriet Schippers  Towards Democracy in England: Mrs Gaskell's lessons in citizenship (Victorian Studies)
Dashne Sedeeq  Diachronic Study of English Loan Words in the Central Kurdish Dialect in Media Political Discourse
Selcuk Senturk  The Representation of Family in Doris Lessing's Novels
Suzi Shimwell  Creative PhD
Rebecca Shuttleworth  Susanna Watts and Elizabeth Heyrick: women's writing in the Midlands, 1750-1850
Kris Siefken  Negotiating the Labyrinth: The interplay of city and psychology in Dickens' fiction (Victorian Studies)
Natasha Stoyce Theatres of War: An exploration of the experiences of the Scottish Women’s Hospital units in Serbia during the Great War (1914-1918)
Robin Styles  Gertrude Stein: The Making of an American
Angela Thurstance  The WWI Home Front in Contemporary British Fiction
Alice Turner  Dickens' Portrayal of Cockneys
Sanne Van Der Schee  Short Diphthongs in Old English
Harriet Veale Words for the Hour: A Study of American Civil War Poetry
David Wharton  Creative PhD
Joanna Wilson  The Violent Protagonist as a Monstrous Liminal other in 20th Century American Literature
Ling Fong Cheryl Wong  The Significance of Suffering During the Years of War 1793-1815 in the Poetry of William Wordsworth
Pimalaporn Wongchinsri  A Buddhist Perspective of the Self in Charles Johnson's and Ruth Ozeki's Writings from 1974 to 2016
Rebecca Wright The Revision of Greek Myth in Contemporary Women’s Writing 
Maiko Yamamoto  Martineau, Charlotte Bronte, Gaskell (Victorian Studies) 
Nisreen Yousef  Historical Novels set in the Middle East: The third crusade

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