School of Chemistry

Research Vlog: Fairly Regular

Representations of Chemistry research: batteries (materials and interfaces), substrate in an enzyme (chemical biology), molecular structure (sustainable synthesis and catalysis), stylised nanoparticle (spectroscopy and atmospheric chemistry), and Dr Williams delivering a class (Learning Enhancement and Pedagogy)

Do you want to know more about what excites us here in the School of Chemistry at Leicester?

Our 'Fairly Regular' video series provides a light-hearted, periodic dive into our research activities and beyond, giving you insight into the work of our academics. Many of the topics discussed in this series are directly related to the hands on research experience undergraduate students receive as part of our degree courses.

For more information, head over to our research pages or find out more about our academic staff. For the latest news, developments, and regular updates on our activities throughout the year, follow us on Twitter (@Leicesterchem), Facebook (Leicester Chemistry), Instagram (@leicesterchem), and YouTube (School of Chemistry).

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