Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability

Dr Calvin Jephcote

Calvin Jephcote

Lecturer in Practice and Research Fellow in GIS


I am a socio-environmental scientist with academic and consultancy expertise in spatial modelling, environmental epidemiology, and social mobility. I received my EPSRC funded Ph.D. degree from the University of Leeds in 2013. My doctoral research developed geostatistical models to quantify spatial variations in respiratory health, capturing the ‘triple jeopardy’ of social, environment and health inequalities in children. I also hold an MSc degree in Air Pollution Management from the University of Birmingham. I have commercial experience in air quality consultancy, where I supported UK government departments in delivering their legislative requirements.

I have previously worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, and the University of Warwick. At these institutes, my database and spatial modelling expertise helped to develop research-led policy on European migration (Horizon 2020), and to enhance toxic expertise around the petrochemical industry (ERC).

I joined the Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability in June 2019, as a Research Associate to support the following noise modelling activities:

  • Aircraft Noise and Cardiovascular Outcomes (ANCO)
  • Reduced noise Impacts of Short-Term Aircraft Noise and Cardiovascular Outcomes (RISTANCO)
  • MEthods and Tools for Assessing the Health Impacts of Transport (METAHIT)

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