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Head of Astrophysics Division

Name  Office  Email  Telephone 
Professor Paul O'Brien  G19  5203 

Support staff

Name  Role  Office  Email  Telephone 
Lisa Brant  Research Administrator / DiRAC Project Assistant  G24D  2076 
Patricia Russell  Principal Clerk  G22  3494 

Academic staff

Name  Role  Office  Email  Telephone 
Professor Richard Alexander  Professor  G44B  3543 
Professor Martin Barstow  Professor  G44  3492 
Professor Andrew Blain  Professor  G17B  (223) 1772 
Dr Matthew Burleigh  Reader  S4  2077 
Professor Walter Dehnen  Honorary Visiting Fellow   
Dr Michael Goad  Reader  G24B (223) 1293 
Professor Andrew King  Professor  G46  2072 
Professor Sergei Nayakshin  Professor  G24E  2454 
Dr Christopher Nixon  Associate Professor  G47  (223) 1219 
Professor Paul O'Brien  Head of Astrophysics Division  G19  5203 
Professor Julian Osborne  Professor  G23  3598 
Professor Kenneth Pounds  Emeritus Professor  G24C  3509 
Dr Mervyn Roy  Academic Director  G50  3582 
Dr Rhaana Starling  Associate Professor  F19A  5388 
Dr Gordon Stewart  Honorary Associate Professor  G28  3554 
Professor Nial Tanvir  Professor  G20  (223) 1217 
Dr Simon Vaughan  Academic Director  G52  2074 
Professor Michael Watson  Professor  G18  3553 
Professor Mark Wilkinson  Professor / Director of DiRAC  G51  3572 
Professor Richard Willingale  Professor  G21 3556
Professor Graham Wynn  Professor  G45  2071

Research staff

Name  Role  Office  Email  Telephone 
Dr James Aird  Honorary Visiting Fellow  
Dr Andrew Beardmore  Research Associate  G49  3583 
Dr Keir Birchall
Research Associate
Dr Sarah Casewell  Ernest Rutherford Fellow  S6  3549 
Mr Andrew Cheney  Systems Engineer  F80  3551 
Dr Vardan Elbakyan  Research Associate  
Dr Philip Evans  Research Associate  G49  5059 
Mr Richard Hampson  SMILE Project Manager  F80  5244 
Dr Simon Joyce  Research Associate  F19D  3517 
Dr Gavin Lamb  Research Associate  G17  2377 
Dr Claudio Pagani  Research Associate  G49  (223) 1891 
Dr Kim Page  Research Associate  G49  (223) 1706 
Dr John Pye  Senior Research Fellow  SRC  3552 
Dr Enrico Ragusa  Research Associate  BU3  3558 
Dr Andrew Read  Research Associate  F80  5650 
Dr Giovanni Rosotti Research Associate  
Dr Steven Sembay  Research Associate  F80  3507 
Dr Marcin Semczuk  Research Associate  BU1  2084 
Anushka Sharma
DiRAC Senior Technical Programme Coordinator  
Dr. Tuomo Tikkanen
Research Associate
Dr Alison Young  Research Associate  BU5  (373) 6281 

Research students

Name  Supervisor  Office  Email  Telephone 
Jack Acton  Goad  G57  3550 
Sandra Calovic
Sachin Dias  Vaughan  F19B  (223) 1385 
Robert Eyles  O'Brien  G17  3510 
Emily Ferris  Blain  G17  3510 
Jenni French Casewell S1   3577 
Ryan Heath  Nixon  G13   
Beth Henderson  Casewell  G57  3550 
Adam Hennessy
Alicia Kendall
F19B  3517
Christopher Mander  Barstow G24A 3557
Soheb Mandhai  Tanvir  G17  3510 
Lee Martin  Blain G24A 3557
Tomos Meredith  Wynn  BU1  2084 
Christopher Moore  Osborne  G24A  3557 
Miti Patel  O'Brien G17 3510
George Thomas
Barstow G24A  5161
Rosanna Tilbrook  Burleigh  S1  3577 
Spencer Tooke  O'Brien  G17  3510 
Yinhao Wu