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Professor of Astrophysics

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I obtained my BA and MSc in Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin and a DPhil in Theoretical Astronomy at the University of Oxford. Between 2000 and 2006 I was a post-doc at the Institute of Astronomy Cambridge. I subsequently moved to the University of Leicester to take up a Royal Society University Research Fellow. I am currently a Professor in the Theoretical Astrophysics Group of the Dept. of Physics & Astronomy. Since July 2017 I have been Director of the DiRAC HPC Facility (


The Milky Way and other nearby galaxies constitute valuable templates with which to unravel the processes which drive galaxy formation and evolution. In my research I use a combination of observations and theoretical modelling to extract information from these galaxies and use them as nearby cosmological probes. At present my work is primarily focussed on constraining the properties of dark matter using observations of the satellite galaxies which orbit the Milky Way. My future plans include the development of dynamical models of the Milky Way which will be used to interpret new data sets such as that from the recently launched Gaia satellite.


My full publications list is available at:


Application of Machine Learning algorithms in astrophysics


PA1120 - Unit 2 - The second law of thermodynamics PA2720 - Unit on Introduction to Statistical Mechanics PA3230 - Unit 1 of Interaction of Radiation and Matter

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