External Relations

Brand, Marketing and Digital Engagement

The Brand, Marketing and Digital Engagement Office consists of the Marketing, Insight and Digital Engagement teams.

Key Citizens

Victoria Bell - Director of Brand, Marketing and Digital Engagement


We are responsible for marketing the external profile of the University across a range of channels. We manage the development of the brand identity for the University including the creative, content and design elements, as well overseeing marketing campaigns and events for student recruitment and the University’s research reputation campaigns. We also offer in-house expertise for insight and consumer research, content production, social media and digital design, as well as audio and video production. 

Key Citizens

Elissa Parker - Head of Recruitment Marketing
Adam King - Studio Manager



We provide market intelligence support to inform the development of the University’s brand, course portfolio, pricing and positioning. Our research reports on trends and opportunities within the student recruitment markets the University operates.

Key Citizens

Tamara Vivian - Head of Marketing and Insight

Digital Engagement

We are responsible for the performance and effectiveness of the University’s digital engagement channels, including our website, our apps, social media channels and other emerging digital platforms, to ensure we are always relevant for our internal and external users. We offer in-house expertise in user experience, digital accessibility and optimisation, architecture and system management, as well as user support and training.

Key Citizens

Stuart Hainsworth - Deputy Director of Digital Engagement
Gavin Mangan - Associate Head of Digital
Anna Henderson - Associate Head of Content


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