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Section 5 - Powers of the Council

  1. The Council shall exercise all the powers and authorities of the University, save as otherwise provided by the Charter and Statutes, including the powers:
    1. to invest any moneys belonging to the University including any unapplied income in such stocks, funds, fully paid shares or securities as the Council shall from time to time think fit, whether authorised by the general law for the investment of trust moneys or not and whether within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or not or (subject to the Charter) in the purchase of freehold or leasehold properties in the United Kingdom, including properties yielding rental income with the like power of varying such investments from time to time, provided that the Council may in its discretion retain as long as it shall think fit any investment given or bequeathed to the University although not coming within the description of investments authorised as aforesaid;
    2. to borrow money on behalf of the University;
    3. to grant security of any kind over the whole or any part of the real and personal property of the University;
    4. in connection with the exercise of its powers under Statutes 5.1(a), 5.1(b) and 5.1(c), to enter into any ancillary or incidental financial instrument whatsoever;
    5. to employ staff and determine their pay and conditions.
  2. Subject to the Charter and these Statutes the Council shall have the right to reserve unto itself or to delegate such powers as it thinks fit, except that the Council shall not delegate the following powers:
    1. to appoint the President and Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar and Secretary;
    2. to appoint the Auditor or Auditors for the University under Section 12 of these Statutes;
    3. to recommend to the Privy Council amendments, alterations or additions to the Charter;
    4. to make, amend, alter or repeal Statutes and to submit the same to the Privy Council for consideration and allowance;
    5. to make, amend, alter or repeal Ordinances;
    6. to approve the University’s annual accounts;
    7. to approve the University’s strategic plan and annual budget;
    8. to reach a decision regarding the desirability of a reduction in the staff of the University by way of redundancy.
  3. In addition to all other powers vested in it, Council shall have the specific powers prescribed in the Ordinances.

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