About the University of Leicester

Section 8 - University Staff

  1. In relation to the University’s staff, Council shall ensure that there are in place and prescribed in the Ordinances procedures for:
    1. the handling of disciplinary cases, including the dismissal of members of staff by reason of misconduct and for appeals against disciplinary action;
    2. the dismissal of members of staff by reason of redundancy and appeals against such dismissals;
    3. the dismissal of members of staff (following confirmation in post after a probationary period) by reason of unsatisfactory performance and appeals against such dismissals;
    4. the dismissal of members of staff on the grounds of ill health or medical incapacity and appeals against such dismissals;
    5. the handling of grievances raised by members of staff.
  2. In determining the procedures to be adopted under clause 1 of this Section, Council shall apply the following guiding principles:
    1. to ensure that academic staff have freedom within the law to question and test received wisdom, and to put forward new ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions, without placing themselves in jeopardy of losing their jobs or privileges;
    2. to enable the University to provide education, promote learning and engage in research efficiently and economically; and
    3. to apply the principles of justice and fairness.
  3. Any Ordinance made under this Section shall be construed in every case to give effect to the guiding principles in clause 2. Ordinances under this Section shall not be made, amended, altered or repealed without appropriate prior consultation with the recognised trades’ unions.

  4. For the avoidance of doubt, any procedure adopted by Council for the dismissal of staff by reason of redundancy shall not apply to a member of academic staff whose appointment was made, or contract of employment entered into, on or before 19 November 1987, and who has not been promoted after that date.

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