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Simon North

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the death of Simon North, a Cleaner for the University.

Simon passed away on Wednesday 30 October, he is survived by his girlfriend Tara and was a loving father to his daughter Tania and grandfather to his two grandchildren.

His colleagues have given the following tribute.

"The dictionary defines the name Simon as: a lovely natured cute boy, that is known for being kind and giving. Will always give out gum or sweets for no reason other than to be nice. A Simon will go to the end of the world and back just to please the person he loves and when he loves someone, will make them feel special every day and always be loyal. They often have green-ish eyes and brown hair. They have good music taste and love American themed items. Any Simon is adorable and will be there any time of day if you needed help. They're never boring and easy to get along with. If you ever meet Simon, become his best friend, love them and never let them go. They will change your life and be the best thing to ever happen. A Simon will also love to cuddle and gives out the best cuddles."

His line-manager Samuel Mason said: “This definition is so true, he was a man that was always willing to help you and was very accommodating. He spoke very highly of his grandchildren and was very proud of them. Simon liked to spend time with people, he enjoyed company. He was a genuine man and will be missed by his friends and colleagues. Our condolences go to all his family.”

A number of colleagues have also given their individual tributes.

‘’He would help anyone, he would put others first before himself.”

“He liked the company and loved playing football with his grandkids.”

“He was a very easy going guy, to get along with.”

Simon’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 19 November at 12 noon at Gilroes Cemetery. We will be lowering the University flag for the day in his memory.

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