Information for returning students

Welcome back to your studies.

We know that student life will be a little different for 2020/21, but you will still be able to benefit from a strong and vibrant student community. We are committed to offering you a campus-based university experience, as long as it is safe to do so.

Your safety and wellbeing is our number one priority, and we will continue to follow UK Government guidance to ensure we are adapting your student experience to comply with appropriate safety measures. There will be plenty of support available to help you settle in and adjust to life at university.

Read our frequently asked questions on the ongoing COVID-19 situation.


A new world needs a new way to study. Ignite combines face to face, on-campus study with flexible digital learning. Ignite is a blended approach to providing the education you deserve without compromising your safety. So you can fully enjoy your university experience, both physically and virtually, and switch easily between the two as and when you need to.

With ignite, you will have the flexibility to switch easily between a real-world university experience and a virtual one, as and when you need to. So, you will always have access to our world-leading academics, our coronavirus-safe campus, your circle of friends and still be a part of our inclusive campus community.


You will need to register as a student for this academic year; you will receive an email about this.

If you are spending this year on a year abroad or year in industry, you will still need to register so that you remain a student of the University of Leicester.

Paying your tuition fees

Before you can register you must pay your tuition fees.

If your fee is being paid by a sponsor you need to send us a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor containing this information. Send the form and letter to: Student Fees and Income Management, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, UK, or email it to

If you plan to pay your fee with a loan from Student Finance please ensure that you have made an application for this academic year.

If you are not eligible for funding - or have chosen to fund your own studies - then please make arrangements to pay your fee directly.

If you have a postgraduate loan from Student Finance you can complete registration without making a tuition fee payment first - you will not receive your first loan instalment until we have told Student Finance you have registered. Your tuition fee will be due in line with your loan instalments.

More information about fees, including payment methods, are available for:

If you have any queries about your fees please contact

Online registration

Once your payment has been processed you can complete online registration. First log in to MyStudentRecord using your University of Leicester username and password.

You will need to complete all of the sections highlighted in red. The final step in completing your online registration is accepting the University regulations. This option will only be available once you have completed all of the mandatory tasks.

You should register as soon as possible so you can continue to access University facilities, including the library and your IT account.

If you do not register, you will not be able to access any resources or facilities and may ultimately be withdrawn as a student (Senate Regulation 2.43).

If you need to discuss any financial or personal circumstances that may delay your registration, contact to arrange an appointment with a welfare adviser as soon as possible.

Visa checkpoint

If you are a continuing student currently studying on a Tier 4 visa you will not have to attend a visa checkpoint to register for the new academic year unless instructed to do so by the Student Immigration Advice and Compliance Team.

If you have a new visa (because your old one was lost or because you are returning from a break in studies) please email a copy to

The Student Immigration Advice and Compliance Team will contact you if we know you require a new visa to register before the end of July so we can provide you with a CAS to obtain a new visa. Senate Regulation 4.20 requires you to provide us with a copy of any new visas granted during your programme of study. As part of our tier 4 sponsor obligations we are required to store a copy of your up-to-date immigration permission. If you fail to show evidence of valid leave to remain you will not be allowed to register.

If you have any questions about your visa status please email