University finance

Paying your tuition or accommodation fees

If you are taking out a Tuition Fee Loan – and that’s most undergraduate UK students – then you can ignore this page. This is just for students without a loan (eg. international students) who intend to pay their Tuition Fee upfront. 

If you are a postgraduate and/or distance learning student, please see relevant how to pay information for you. 

How to pay 

You (or a relative) can pay your Tuition Fee by either of these methods. Please note that you will not be able to complete your online registration as a Leicester student until the payment is in our bank account – so don’t leave it too late. 

We cannot accept cash payments, either on campus or into our bank account. Only the above payment methods are accepted. 

There is a different process if a sponsor has agreed to pay all or part of your Tuition Fee. 

If you have any questions, please email or call +44 (0)116 252 3733.


If you live outside the UK/Ireland, you will need to pay a £3,000 deposit to secure your place at Leicester. 

If you have a sponsor 

A sponsor is a company or organisation, such as a government agency or charity, which has agreed to pay all or part of your tuition fee. Relatives and other individuals cannot be sponsors though they can pay your fee.  

Before your sponsor can pay your fee, we need to send them an invoice. Before we can do this, you must first send us a completed sponsor form (Word, 24.5kb) or a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor containing this information. Email the form/financial guarantee letter to

After you have registered on your course, we will send an invoice to your sponsor who must pay the full sponsorship amount within 30 days.  

Please note: you are responsible for payment of your fee. If, for whatever reason, your sponsor fails to pay then we will require you to pay in full. 

If your sponsor is only paying part of your fee, you will need to pay the rest by one of the two payment methods listed above. 

When to pay your tuition fees

Campus-based students

The tuition fee for your course (after deduction of any discounts or University of Leicester scholarships you might be awarded) will be stated in the offer letter sent to you by the University.

You should pay your tuition fee, either:

  • before the start of your academic year in full
  • or in two equal instalments. The first instalment is due before the start of the academic year and the second is due three months after the start of your academic year.

We must receive your first instalment in full before you can register for your course.

If your financial circumstances change after you have started your course please contact the Student Fees and Income Office to discuss this at or call +44 (0)116 252 3733.

Distance learning students

If you're a distance learning student, the relevant payment options and amounts will be detailed in your offer email. You can pay:

  • in full by the payment date stated on your offer, or
  • in two equal instalments: the first by the payment date stated on your offer and the second one year later, or
  • in six equal instalments over your first two years of study.

We must receive your first instalment in full by the payment date stated in your offer before you can register for your studies. Please allow 48 hours for card payments through our online e-pay site (or 7-10 days for other payment methods) to ensure that you meet the relevant payment deadline and can begin your studies on your intended start date.

Your Distance Learning Team can also provide advice about fee payments from other sources (such as a sponsor, student finance, ELCAS or a loan) or if your financial circumstances change after you have started your course.

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