University finance

How to pay if you have a sponsor

A sponsor is a company or organisation, such as a government agency or charity, which has agreed to pay all or part of your tuition fee. Relatives and other individuals cannot be sponsors though they can pay your fee. They should use one of the regular payment methods.

Before your sponsor can pay your fee, we need to send them an invoice. To do this, you need to send us a completed sponsor form (Word, 25kb) or a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor containing this information. Email the form/financial guarantee letter to

After you have registered on your course, we will send an invoice to your sponsor who will need to pay the full sponsorship amount within 30 days. Important: You are responsible for payment of your fee. If, for whatever reason, your sponsor fails to pay then we will require you to pay in full.

If your sponsor is only paying part of your fee, you will need to pay the rest by one of the regular payment methods.

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