Fees and funding

Payment methods

Before making payment 

Students are often targeted by fraudsters. The University has a zero-tolerance policy to fraud. If any payment made for a student is found to be fraudulent the student will face disciplinary action, including expulsion. 

Security measures

The University has financial obligations it must comply with when receiving payments. Before choosing a method of payment please be aware of the following:

  • Do not ask others to make payments for you.
  • Do not provide your personal details to allow others to make payment on your behalf.
  • Do not pay your fees to anyone other than the University directly, including Agents.
  • Do not pay anyone who is offering a discount on your tuition fees – this is most likely fraudulent activity.


  • You will be held accountable for any fraudulent, attempted or received payments, made to the University even if you did not make the payment directly.
  • You will be held accountable for any falsified payment documents sent from yourself, regardless of who made the payment.
  • Consequences of fraudulent payments or falsified payment documents include expulsion or withdrawal of offer for applicants.
  • You may risk losing your money if it does not reach the University and you will still be required to pay by the payment due date.
  • To verify the source of the payment, we may require evidence of the payment clearing your bank account before payment is allocated to your record.
  • Refunds will only be issued to the original source and we will require evidence of the original payment with no exceptions.

Verification on Payment and Payee

The UK, EU and US financial regulators have imposed financial sanctions on certain individuals, companies and banks, which means that in certain cases the University may not be able to receive payments. Certain banks have been prevented from being able to send money to the UK and some banks have been prevented from using SWIFT or card payment.  

In order for the University of Leicester to meet the financial obligations that we are required to comply with, applicants/students who have a nationality of a sanctioned country are required to supply the bank statement of all payments made for them, regardless of origin, to make sure that the University is adhering to its financial obligations. However, any student may be required to provide this information at the discretion of the university.  

The University is also required to “know your customer (KYC)” and part of this is that the University knows who has made payment into the University bank account. If the payee is not the applicant/student then we will require a copy of the payee's passport/driving license, along with an explanation as to the relationship of the payee, the reason why the payee is paying and if you are going to make payment direct to the payee at some point.

Ensure communication has come from the University

If you receive a payment request please ensure you are confident it has been sent by the University. The following information can help you check any request you received:

  • Check the email address that has sent you the request ends in @le.ac.uk or @leicester.ac.uk
  • Reminders and letters asking for payment will only ever be emailed.
  • The University will never provide bank account details in a payment request, the methods of payment we accept can be found below.
  • If you are unsure about any payment requests you receive please contact us at feesandincome@le.ac.uk.


If you are unsure a payment request you receive was sent by the University please contact us before making payment.

How to pay

Cash payments are not accepted by the University and cash deposited into our bank account will also not be accepted.

The accepted payment methods are:

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