Study spaces

You don't have to go to campus to study, but you don't have to stay in your room either. There are social study spaces and common rooms in each hall, as well as a couple of dedicated spaces in The Village: 

Olive Banks Study Suite

This is an ideal spot for catching up with work - you can access the rooms at any time using your student card. There's a fully equipped computer suite and also a quiet study area kitted out with comfy chairs.

The suite is named after the University's first female professor, Olive Banks, who taught sociology at Leicester in the 1970s.

360° video tour of a study room on the Olive Banks Study Suite

Study spaces in the Village Hub

In the centre of The Village, you'll find the Village Hub. Downstairs is space for socialising, and upstairs are colour-themed study rooms, all fully equipped with computers, screens and whiteboards. It's a great place for group work and studying with friends when you don't feel like heading into campus. No need to book ahead - just rock up.

view of students using study space

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