Checklist for international students

This checklist may help you with your preparations for coming to the UK. Please note it is for guidance only and not all of the suggestions may apply to you.

Before you leave home

  • Obtain any necessary student visa or entry clearance for study in the UK.
  • Check you have completed an online application for accommodation.
  • Pay a deposit for accommodation.
  • Upload your photo for your University of Leicester ID card to MyStudentRecord.
  • Pay, or make arrangements to pay, your tuition fees.
  • Register online for your course.
  • Check term dates, especially the date you are expected to arrive at the University.
  • Buy tickets and travel insurance.
  • If you are coming from an EU country, get an EHIC card which provides sickness insurance.
  • Research banking in the UK and see if your bank can help you arrange a UK bank account.
  • Get British currency for use during first few days or weeks (around £1,000).
  • Get a letter of explanation from your doctor for any prescribed drugs you may need to bring with you.
  • Research UK living costs to plan a budget.

Items to carry in your hand luggage

  • Passport with any necessary student visa and ID cards if applicable (Please ensure you bring these with you when you register with the University.)
  • Travel or flight tickets
  • British currency
  • Travel insurance and personal insurance documents
  • Evidence of your finances - a bank statement or sponsor’s letter
  • The address of your accommodation in Leicester and a contact name and phone number in case of any problems or questions.

Useful websites

These websites may also be useful in your preparation to come to Leicester.

  • UKCISA - UK Council for International Student Affairs produce a number of useful information sheets.
  • The British Council’s section on Study in the UK gives a useful insight into student life.
  • HOST UK - a voluntary organisation that arranges short visits to a British home for international students.
  • GB MAG - the International students guide to studying and living in the UK.