Clivedon House

BeetleClivedon House is a converted house with self-catered rooms located on Manor Road. It’s in a great location at the centre of The Village, just across the road from The Village Reception. All of the facilities are within a short walking distance including the Village Hub and the Roger Bettles Sports Centre.

Bedroom includes

  • Single bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Shelves
  • Bedside table
  • Drawers
  • Bin
  • Basic contents insurance
  • 100mb/s wifi

Shared space includes

  • Shared bathroom and shower facilities (unless you have an ensuite room or one-bedroom flat)
  • Shared kitchen facilities including oven, hob, sink, storage space, microwave, kettle, and one freezer and fridge shelf per person
  • Cleaner for shared bathrooms
  • Kitchen checks

1 kitchen is shared between approximately 9 people.
1 bathroom is shared between approximately 3 people.

On-site facilities

  • Social study space
  • 24-hour site reception
  • Car parking (limited - permit required)
  • Common room with pool table
  • Cash machine
  • Classical music room
  • Common room with pool table
  • Bike storage
  • Dance studio
  • Laundrette
  • Rock music room
  • Cinema room
  • Village Hub
  • Allotment

Distance to...


  • 45-minute walk
  • 20-minute bus journey
  • 20-minute cycle

City centre

  • 60-minute walk
  • 30-minute bus journey
  • 25-minute car journey

What's nearby?

2022/23 Room types and costs - 40 week contract

When you accept your place, you'll make a £250 early rent payment.

3 single bedroom with washbasin

  • £111.00 per week
  • £4,440.00 per year

17 single ensuite

  • £140.00 per week
  • £5,600.00 per year

1 one-bedroom flat

  • £160.00 per week
  • £6,400.00 per year
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