Social Impact strategy

The Social Impact strategy is one of nine University Enabling Strategies that support delivery of the Teaching and Learning and Research Discovery Strategies.

The strategy commitments are based on the three pillars of Sustainability, with an education twist.

The priorities and activities that arise from these commitments are also being related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that "are a to-do list for people and planet, and a blueprint for success”.

Our vision

To enhance our social, economic and physical environments by embedding social awareness and sustainability into our DNA.

Our values

The University of Leicester is a global university, founded with the aim of providing hope for the future. We are committed to making the world better for present and future generations through our teaching and research.

The University aspires to make a positive difference in the local and wider community, recognising that we are part of a global community spanning generations. The University wants to help our city meet its environmental, social and educational challenges, preserving our heritage for the future and contributing to a diverse and flourishing world.


We will provide University-wide leadership to ensure social impact is embedded throughout the institutions operations. 

Environmental management

We will continue to embed environmental sustainability within Estates operations, to reduce carbon emissions and to encourage and facilitate staff, students and visitors to do the same.

Education for sustainable development

We pledge to promote social impact and sustainability through the delivery of a curriculum which provides our students with the opportunity to learn more about social impact issues and involve themselves in projects for the benefit of communities or society as a whole.


We are committed to realising and communicating the social and economic impact arising from our work. Applied and translational work is underpinned by fundamental and conceptual research - both are essential to delivering effective and sustainable impact. 


We will continue to make a difference to society through our research, teaching, outreach programmes, contribution to the environment and by encouraging out students and graduates to make a positive impact.