Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the maximum amount of money a student can borrow in order to pay their tuiton fees, living expenses and other costs associated with their course for an academic year. Please see below the different processes for Campus Based and Distance Learning courses.

Campus Based Courses

How we calculate your maximum Cost of Attendance will be different depending on whether you intend to live on campus or off campus. It will also depend on the type of course you are studying. Undergraduate students will receive funding for a period of 39 weeks and Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research students will receive funding or a period of 52 weeks.

The maximum you can request for your Cost of Attendance is broken down as follows:

  • Your Tuition Fees for 2024-25 Academic Year
  • Housing (On Campus): £160 per week
  • Housing (Off Campus): £145 per week
  • Food: £60 per week
  • Miscellaneous Personal: £40 per week
  • Local Transportation: £40 per week
  • Books and Course Supplies: £30 per week
  • Two Return Flights: £2,000 per year
  • Visa Application: £490 (New Students Only)
  • Health Surcharge: £776 per year of course (New Students Only)
  • Laptop: £850 (New Students Only)

Loan Origination Fees, depending on loan types and values, will be added to your Cost of Attendance. Please visit the Federal Student Aid website for information on origination fees.

The figures above are the maximum amounts that can be borrowed; only in exceptional circumstances would additional costs be considered. These exceptional circumstances could include medical or disability related costs, childcare or additional course costs.

The loans incur Interest Rates and Origination Fee charges. We encourage all borrowers to only borrow what they need.

Loan Entitlement

A student’s loan entitlement (within annual and aggregate limits) depends on their Cost of Attendance (COA), Student Aid Index (SAI) and Other Financial Assistance (OFA).

The Student Aid Index (SAI) affects Direct Subsidised loan eligibility (undergraduates only) and is based on the information provided in your FAFSA. This is the amount of funding that the U.S Department of Education expects you and your family to contribute towards funding your studies. 

Other Financial Assistance (OFA) is any other institutional funding you are expecting to receive to fund your studies. This includes scholarships, grants and bursaries. You are required to inform the US Loans Team about any institutional funding you have secured for your studies at the University. 

Subsidised Loan Eligibility = COA – (SAI+OFA)

Unsubsidised Loan Eligibility = COA – OFA (Including Subsidised Loan Amount)

PLUS Loan Eligibility = COA – OFA (Including Subsidised & Unsubsidised Loan Amount) 

We encourage all borrowers to only borrow what they need. If you have any other financial assistance, please notify us.

Distance Learning Courses

If your year of study starts before 1 August 2024 please contact USloans@le.ac.uk so we can provide you with the correct 2023-24 COA to complete.

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