US federal loans

The University of Leicester participates in the US Department of Education’s Direct Loans Programme. Eligible US students are able to access loans to help finance their studies with us.

If you or the course you are studying are not eligible for Direct Loans, you can apply for private loans.

Find out how you can apply for Direct or private loans whilst studying here and read important information relating to the US Federal Aid Programme.

Please read all of the information contained in these pages before making an application.

Essential information

Please also read the essential information below which the US Department of Education requires us to publish, but is not part of the loan application process.

Research or study in the USA not allowed

From 1 November 2010, you are not eligible for any Title IV aid for any time (excluding vacation time) spent in the USA. The only exception is 12 months in the 'writing up' stage of a PhD course (this means your final year). Extract from Federal Register Vol.75, No.210, page 67172, bottom right paragraph:

  • Under paragraph (1)(ii)(C), a foreign institution cannot permit students who receive Title IV, HEA program funds to enrol in any course offered by the foreign institution in the United States, including research, work, internship, externship, or special studies with the United States, except that independent research done by an individual student in the United States for not more than one academic year is permitted, if it is conducted during the dissertation phase of a doctoral program under the guidance of faculty, and the research can only be performed in a facility in the United States.

Tuition fee amount

From 1 July 2011, schools are required to publish a net price calculator. The net price of your tuition is the tuition fee amount for your course, please search for your course to find the fee. You can calculate the cost of living in Leicester combined with your tuition fees and converted to US Dollars by downloading and completing the relevant COA approval application form.

Gainful employment

Under the clarification of the Gainful Employment Regulations (page 34389 of 13 June 2011) for implementation on 1 July 2011:

  • The Program Integrity Issues final regulations (75 FR 66832) -- Clarified that only certificate or credentialed non-degree programs of at least one academic year that are offered by a public or non-profit institution of higher education are gainful employment programs;

The University does not offer any courses that qualify as gainful employment programs and therefore has no employment or debt ratios to publish under this category.

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