Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Crystallisation robots

Douglas Instruments Oryx 8 crystallisation robot

The Oryx 8 and Oryx 4 (housed in the anaerobic glove box) systems use multi-bore tips and contact dispensing for accurately, and reliably dispensing small volumes of solution even when suspensions of solid particles are used which makes them ideal for microseeding experiments. The Oryx robots utilise the sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch-under-oil crystallisation methods for screening; multivariate optimisation to find the best crystallisation conditions can be carried out using the XSTEP application.

Mosquito TTP LabTech robot

The Mosquito TTP LabTech robot is equipped with a humidity control unit and utilizes the standard methods (sitting drop, hanging drop, microbatch-under-oil etc.) for screening and optimisation of crystal growth conditions. This liquid handling system rapidly and precisely dispenses 100nL-1.2 μL volumes using disposable tips thereby ensuring no risk of cross contamination (for information regarding the use of this robot please contact Dr Gareth Hall (

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