Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology

Bench to Business films

LISCB are proud to present six exciting, beautifully-produced short films designed to reach out to industry partners and other stakeholders. We are looking for industry partners to help us translate our proof-of-concept work into drug discovery or development projects. 

We previously would welcome Industry collaborators, old and new, to our Bench to Business industry open days at the Henry Wellcome Building in Leicester. However, in these challenging times, we found an innovative and entertaining way to bring the scientists directly to the screens of our industry collaborators. 

The six shorts, taken from across the Institute, show our scientists outlining their work of either a novel target – including validation, assay development, structural insights and ligand discovery; or development of novel chemical entities with proof of concept against exemplar targets.  A seventh film takes the viewer on a virtual tour of our unique structural and chemical biology facilities, and we welcome industrial users to get in touch about what services or research we can provide to aid their drug discovery programmes. 

These not only communicate our translational research in a way which is relevant for industry but will appeal to a wide range of audiences. We are especially thinking of prospective graduate students and candidates for our research posts, as well as our academic peers. From this, we would welcome potential partners to get in touch via email to arrange direct meetings, so we can build direct collaborations.  

We were able to produce these films with the support of the University of Leicester’s Industry Academia Exchange (IAX) platform, which is funded by the MRC Proximity to Discovery scheme. Several of the projects highlighted have benefited from funding by MRC CiC and support from Leicester’s Drug Discovery and Diagnostics unit (LD3). 

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