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Employment Law

Our staff are researching within UK and EU employment/labour law in a broad spectrum of areas such as individual employment relations, equality, reconciliation of work and family life, freedom of association, collective bargaining, industrial action, and protection of human rights in employment context.

Current research

Oxana Golynker's current research is focused on reconciliation of work and family life in the UK and how it is influenced by EU law and policy. She is also interested in protection of human rights in the employment context.

Pascale Lorber’s research focuses principally on Employment Law and European Social Policy, mainly workers' participation and employee representation. She is also interested in the regulation of atypical forms of employment, particularly fixed-term work.

Lisa Rodgers research looks at the intersection between different theoretical perspectives and labour law and the role of labour law in European (dis)integration. She is currently researching the link between the operation of sovereignty and labour law in the context of the EU and is compiling the last sections of her book: Labour Law, Vulnerability and the Regulation of Precarious Work (due out March 2016).

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