Mandarin Chinese Post-beginners Fast Track (Level 2)

This is for you if you can already manage in everyday situations using the present tense and you have reached the A1 level in the ELP self-assessment grid and/or completed the Beginners (Level 1) course.

Key information

  • Session information: Saturdays - Starting 23 January 2021 - 10am-2.30pm.
  • Timeline: Term 1: 23 January - 27 March 2021
  • Fees: £240 FULL course

This intensive course will start in January 2021. It comprises 60 learning hours over 10 weeks. Each Saturday there are two lessons of four hours (making a total of 40 guided learning hours). 

Due to COVID-19 this course will begin online - if the opportunity to resume face to face teaching on campus becomes available we will do so providing all learners can attend on campus.

This course will be taught in a small group: Minimum 7 and maximum 12 students.

*Includes all tuition, access to VLE (virtual learning environment), handouts and any tests/exams, but not textbook.

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Entry level

You have reached a level similar to the CEFR A1 level or completed the Beginners (Level 1) or you have enough knowledge to be on track with the group.

You can use the ELP self-assessment grid to judge how competent you are in the language. Alternatively, if you require help to assess your level, please contact us or come along to one of our drop-in sessions.

Course content

  • Introduction by name, nationality, and occupation
  • Family, home and relatives
  • Asking and giving directions
  • Shopping and bargaining
  • Ordering food and drink at the restaurant
  • Talking about future plans
  • Talking about past experience
  • Giving compliments to people who are doing something well
  • Talking about weather and comparison
  • Talking about hometown, scenery, and environment preference
  • Booking train tickets
  • Talking about something you don’t understand
  • Lost and found property
  • Making requests and complaints


Course specific workbook will be provided by the tutor. The tutor will advise of any other necessary coursebooks during the first class.

Our approach

This course is taught in Mandarin Chinese and English. Our programme aims to develop the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as cultural awareness. It provides a good balance between understanding the culture, vocabulary, writing system (characters) and grammar structures of the Mandarin Chinese language and enhancing communication and interaction. It supports comprehensive and productive skills in speech and writing through authentic based activities and guided practice in the use of Mandarin Chinese language. Students will be encouraged to seek opportunities to learn and practise the four skills outside the classroom taking advantage of learning resources provided by tutors and the programme. Lessons are planned to allow intensive interactive practice with individual feedback and advice on progress.


Upon completing the Post-beginners Level 2, you can progress onto the Intermediate Level 3.