Languages at Leicester


1. Who can attend Languages at Leicester courses?

Our courses are open to everyone.  University of Leicester students, staff and members of public are welcome to enrol in L@L courses. 

2. I am not sure which level to start at. Will my language skills be audited in advance?

Please visit the course page for the language you wish to study to see the course content of the level you are interested in. You can also visit our levels page  and view the self-assessment grid for further information and to assist you in deciding which level is suitable. At the beginning of term you can attend one of our Drop-in sessions if you would like to speak to a tutor. If you start a level and realise that it is not suitable then we can arrange for you to change to another level. No formal qualifications are required to enrol onto one of our language courses. 

3. How do I enrol?

Browse our languages page and find the course you wish to study on. Follow the 'enrol now' link on the course page and purchase your language course through our shop@le site.  

4. Can I join a course if English isn’t my first language?

Yes. We welcome students from all linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and it’s very unlikely you’ll be the only student in your class in this position.

5. Do I need to buy a textbook?

Most tutors follow a course textbook and it is essential that learners have something to work from. Information about textbooks and resources will usually be given out by the tutor during the first class. It will also be useful to have a dictionary in the target language. Ask your tutor about other resources as they are often able to recommend useful websites/books.

6. Will I have to do homework?

Practice is an essential part of learning a new language in order to make progress. For this reason all courses require an extra hour of self-study per week. Your tutor would also provide any extra support/training you may require.

7. Do I need to enrol before the first class?

Yes. Please click the Enrol Now button that appears on each course page – this will take you through the enrolment process. You’ll need to pay for your course at the time of registration.  If you have difficulty enrolling online then please contact for advice and/or an enrolment form.

8.  Can I enrol after the course has started?

You may be allowed to join classes after the start date, normally provided that no more than two lessons have taken place – sometimes later with the higher level courses. If you wish enrol after the start date, you must first check the availability of places with the Languages at Leicester Administrator, who will then seek permission for you to join the class. 

9. What do I do if I am unable to attend a class?

We understand that sometimes you are unable to attend a class and tutors will give you any missing handouts the following week. Alternatively you can catch up using the course Virtual Learning Environment. You will normally be able to catch up without undue difficulty.

10. Can I get a refund if I withdraw from a course?

Refunds are only given under exceptional circumstances, such as serious and documented illness (with a medical certificate) upon completion of a Student Withdrawal Form. No refunds will be given once classes have started. You will be asked to agree to this under the terms and conditions when enrolling. Please ensure you have read these through thoroughly.

11. Can I use the library?

Unfortunately enrolling for a Languages at Leicester course does not give members of the public student status and therefore learners who are not undergraduate or postgraduate students of the university are not automatically eligible to use the University library. Members of the public may join the library as a visitor.

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