Languages at Leicester

Drop In Sessions/Online Q&A and placement sessions

Before the start of each term Languages at Leicester run a series of on-campus (face-to-face) drop-in sessions and online Q&A and placement sessions. Join us for an informal chat about the language(s) you're interested in, find out which level is best for you and ask any questions you may have about our courses. Open to everyone, not just students and staff.

Online Q&A and placement sessions

Before booking a session, please check our ELP self-assessment grid. If you are still unsure about which course to choose please request a 15-minute online Q&A and placement session via email to to assess your language level. When emailing us include the following information. A member of our team will arrange an online session via Zoom with one of our language leaders. 

  • Subject: Please include the following subject "Online Q&A and Placement Session - [language]" including the language(s) you are interested in. One of our Language Leaders will help you to choose the best level for you.
  • Reasons for your request: Tell us about your language knowledge and skills, and experience so far and what level(s) you are looking to join. This information will help us to better assess your proficiency level. 
  • Your availability: Please let us know when would you be available to arrange your session (e.g.: week days from 5 pm onwards or Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the morning).

Drop-in session

Below is the timetable for on-campus (face-to-face) drop-in sessions for Autumn 2021. These sessions will take place on our Central Campus, off University Road. You are welcome to attend any of these sessions. If you are not able to make one of these sessions or if you would like to speak to someone online please contact us or request an Online Q&A and placement sessions (see above).

Date Time Venue

Monday 10 January

6.15 pm

ATT 109

Tuesday 11 January

6.15 pm


Wednesday 12 January

12.30 pm

ATT 211

Thursday 13 January

6.15 pm

ATT 109

Both classrooms, ATT 109 & 211, are located on the first and second floors of the Attenborough Seminar Block, respectively.

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