Languages at Leicester

Taster session

At the start of every term we run a limited number of free one-hour 'taster sessions and introductory sessions' for our forthcoming courses, giving you the chance to try learning a few basic phrases of the language that interests you. Our tutors will also describe the benefits learning languages and its prospective impact on your studies, personal and professional life.

Like our courses, these sessions are open to everyone, not just staff and students at the University. 

This years some Taster Sessions will take place online and other On-campus (face-to-face).

  • Campus ARABIC - Wednesday 12 January 2022, 6-7 pm
  • Campus BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE - Monday 10 January 2022, 6-7 pm
  • Campus CHINESE (MANDARIN) - Wednesday 12 January 2022, 5-6
  • Online DUTCH - Monday 10 January 2022, 6-7 pm
  • Campus FRENCH - Thursday 13 January 2022, 6-7 pm
  • Campus FRENCH FOR BUSINESS - Tuesday 18 January 2022, 5-6 pm
  • Online GERMAN - Wednesday 12 January 2022, 6-7 pm
  • Campus ITALIAN - Saturday 15 January 2022, 10-11 am
  • Campus JAPANESE - Thursday 13 January 2022, 5-7
  • Campus KOREAN - Tuesday 11 January 2022, 6-7 pm
  • Campus PORTUGUESE - Tuesday 11 January 2022, 6-7 pm
  • Campus SPANISH - Thursday 13 January 2022, 6-7 pm 

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Business (level B1) Diplôme de français professionnel

For those interested in the French for Business Diploma we offer a free online induction session* about the French for Business course and its accreditation, by Chambre de commerce et d’Industrie de Paris Île-de-France. Date and time TBC.

To confirm your participation in this event please use the registration button below.

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*Please notice that it is not a taster session and that to attend this course you should have reached the level B1 in full or completed the Upper-intermediate (level 4) or you have enough knowledge to be on track with the course.

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